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Midcentury Marshmallow in Noe Gets Makeover, Adds $2.325M

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When it last sold, in 2012, for $1.17 million, 1214 Diamond Street was a frumpy little three-bedroom with a boxy exterior in marshmallow hues. Two years later, it has re-emerged with a sleek, slate-gray, metallic-trimmed facade, a new rooftop half-level, four bedrooms, and a revamped rear deck. The original home, built in 1946, didn't have any of the, say, Edwardian character we hate to see obliterated, but it also looked to be in pretty decent shape (once you ignore the plaid upholstery). The kitchen got a big update, and the new fireplace wants badly to belong to a Kimpton hotel, but there's also a lower-level bedroom newly awash in light thanks to a well-placed incision for a new window. The new ask? $3.495 million, a jump of $2.325 million.
We almost didn't blink, a testament to how easy it is to lose perspective in overheated neighborhoods like Noe. Meanwhile, an actual Mediterranean villa in St. Francis Wood loaded with six bedrooms and a veritable swoonfest of architectural detail went on the market asking $2.779 million—less than this Noe place is after.

The St. Francis Wood property just sold for $3.576 million, by the way; if the Noe remodel goes just $15K over asking, it'll be in triple-flip territory.

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