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Avalon Hayes Valley Studios Will Start at $3,135, Seriously

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UPDATE (11/16/14): Some of the images that originally appeared below have been removed at the request of the images' owner.

The new Avalon Bay apartment building on Oak Street and Octavia in Hayes Valley won't be ready for a few more months, but, as Hoodline notes, the property's website posted a pricing teaser. Studios will start at a rather crazymaking $3,135 per month—remember, the median for a one-bedroom in this town is $3,200—and Avalon's one-bedrooms start at $3,545. Two-bedrooms, meanwhile, start at a dizzying $4,270. And if the price-selector doohickey on Avalon's site is any indication, the fanciest of the two-bedrooms will cost $5,900.

Yes, we get that the price premium owes some of its heft to precious Hayes Valley, and new construction is expensive, and Avalon will come stocked with amenities, like a fireplace lounge, a 24-hour fitness center, and rooftop terraces aplenty. But this price list is yet another reminder of how it's getting harder and harder to make it in San Francisco. At this rate, New York is looking like a pretty good fallback.

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