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Google Gobbles Up More of Silicon Valley in Big Land Grab

As predicted, Google has sealed the deal on a big chunk of Redwood City's Pacific Shores office park and, simultaneously, leased up an entire office campus now under development by Jay Paul Co. in Sunnyvale. The company's newest holdings tally up to 2.8 million square feet, which is about the size, notes the Business Times, of the Empire State Building—except, you know, horizontal, this being the suburbs and all. The Redwood City purchase, which includes six buildings and about 934,000 square feet in total, is close to the waterfront, opening up the possibility of keeping employees off 101 entirely and opting for water transit. The campus is pretty stacked with amenities already—from pools and a rock-climbing wall to a day spa and even baseball diamonds—so the prospect of water bikes catching on doesn't seem so terribly farfetched.

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