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Totally Acceptable Cow Hollow Home Would Settle for $4.5M

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A lovely, well-styled, rather plain-vanilla five-bedroom just landed on the market in Cow Hollow. It hails from the early 20th century and has been in the same family for 40 years, but looks as gleaming and sanitized as anything recently built. There are quite a few pretty details—pristine white beamed ceilings, a grande-size wood stair, and a wine room clad with worn-to-perfection bricks. The attic has been converted into a Crayola-hued playroom, and modern skylights send extra light bouncing off the already glowing floors. There are views of the Golden Gate, the Palace of Fine Arts and, well, you know the rest so let's get right to the pics.
· 2829 Divisadero [Official Site]