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It's World Series Time! 10 Things You Need to Know About Visiting AT&T Park

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If you're one of the lucky folks who managed to score a ticket to any of the 2014 World Series games at AT&T Park, congrats! Do you need a new best friend to accompany you? We're available. Known as one of the toughest ballparks in baseball, the stadium is as quirky as San Francisco itself. Here now, 10 tips for getting the most out of the ballpark.

1. Seagulls start scouting at around the bottom of the 7th inning. Beware: they are an aggressive bird, both in distributing their fecal matter and also trying to get your garlic fries when you aren't looking.

2. We get that the beer garden edible garden is cool, but please. You are paying hundreds of dollars for a single ticket to watch the game. Watch the goddamn ballgame.

3. Over 21? Enter AT&T Park through restaurant Public House because, A) the line is way shorter to get into Public House, and it has its own entrance into AT&T Park; B) the drink selection (Fancy beers! Fine wine! Mojitos!) is cheaper and of better quality. Plus, you can take your bounty right into the park. 4. The park is adjacent to open water and Karl is an aggressive fog, so do dress accordingly. That means layers, layers, layers. If you have nothing to prove it's completely acceptable to bring several wool blankets to cover yourself in.

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5. AT&T Park is known for having some of the best stadium food in the country, so bring your appetite (and your paycheck). From crab sandwiches to clam chowder in a bread bowl to the ubiquitous garlic fries that could knock out any vampire, you definitely will not leave hungry. 6. If spending your entire month's salary on gourmet delights isn't your idea of fun, it's a little known secret that you can bring any food you want into the ballpark. Feel free to load up your cooler with sandwiches and snacks from home, or stop in at the Safeway down the street beforehand—AT&T don't care. This rule unfortunately only applies to food.

7. This is a universal rule at all MLB ballparks, but if you're lucky enough to score some front-row tickets, do not be that person who tries to nab a ball still in play (unless it's a foul ball). We'd all love to take home a little piece of the World Series, but if you lean into the field to snag a ball, not only will you be Enemy #1 for the whole city, but you'll be booted from the stadium real quick.

8. If tickets are too pricey but you've got access to some maritime vessels, feel free to motor your boat or kayak over to McCovey Cove. While you may not see much of the game, you'll be in a prime spot to snag one of the coveted balls from a splash hit home run.

9. If you can't afford tickets or a boat, bet your luck on scoring a standing spot for free and watch through the fence in right field. You'll be standing right behind Hunter Pence, so maybe you'll get lucky and he'll come crashing into you during one of his magical catches.

10. If you're coming from somewhere else in the Bay Area, skip the traffic jams and ridiculous $100+ parking lots for a ferry ride instead. There's ferry service from Larkspur, Oakland's Jack London Square, Alameda, and Vallejo that docks right outside the center field entrance to the ballpark. Return ferries usually depart 20-30 minutes after the last out, so make sure you're on board or you're SOL.
—Sally Kuchar contributed to this article.
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