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Inhabit an École des Beaux Arts Thesis Project for $3.25M

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Back in 1933, long before he became part of the local team that worked with Pier Luigi Nervi and Pietro Belluschi on St. Mary's Cathedral, architect Paul Ryan had to knock out a thesis project. That project, for his master's degree at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, became a house, and now you can live in it. The four-bedroom, three-bath abode has all the requisite moldings, inlaid-wood floors, and arched doorways. There's a salmon pink living room that's really kind of growing on us, though several of the dung-colored-carpeting-plus-floral-wallpaper combos get rather clashy.

Still, this house can kind of pull off the frumpy-chic thing, and we kind of like the idea of inhabiting a vintage wallpaper catalog. The property doesn't have a listing history, so we'd say this place comes by the look honestly. Asking $3.25 million, which is close to what people are spending on educations these days, right?

· 1660 North Point St [Redfin]