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Mapping San Francisco Neighborhoods onto New York

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San Francisco and New York are so different that they're hard to compare (though SF's ballooning rents keep making that easier, sigh). Nonetheless, we love to see city-map mashups like this latest dispatch from the map geeks at Urbane try. Modeled on New York's subway map, Urbane's version depicts how some die-hard San Franciscans might see New York's neighborhoods (minus Staten Island). Though it's not intended to be as offensive as certain other maps we've featured, we're not sure how kindly Sausalito residents would take to the notion that they're San Francisco's Jersey City, and vice versa. Some of the map's commentary is also steeped in well-deserved self-deprecating sarcasm: Morningside Heights, home to Columbia University, becomes "USF, except Ivy League."

Though the map is far from perfect, it's nonetheless fun to decipher. We appreciate seeing Columbus Circle described as "a circular Union Square" and Murray Hill pegged as "the Marina, except with apartments and transit." We must take issue with the labeling of the Upper West Side as Noe Valley, though—hasn't it been pretty well established that Noe is the UWS's crunchier stepchild, Park Slope?

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