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200-Square-Foot Utility Closet from Airbnb Goes Legit, Seeks a Whopping $1,400/Month

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With Airbnb's legalization all but a done deal and rents for traditional apartments elbowing past New York's, renters in San Francisco can hardly catch a break. So it's always good news when an owner takes a rental off Airbnb and returns it to the market, right? That's perhaps what this good samaritan/landlord to a 200-square-foot utility closet must have been thinking of when he or she decided to go straight and offer up this prime piece of real estate to a permanent resident on the regular. Bernalwood preserved the screenshots for posterity (just in case the link above disappears), and judging from the "lofted" bed precariously glued (??) to the wall and the bare lightbulbs glaring down, we can't imagine that this unit did well on Airbnb, with whatever the nightly equivalent of $1,400/month for 200 square feet works out to. Apparently—if we follow the logic here—only a San Franciscan would be desperate enough to live here?

As Bernalwood's tipster writes, "Yes, this is a listing for somebody's 200 square-foot, half-finished utility room, with a stove and a bed for $1400 a month." Bonus: the renter gets access to a hot tub, of which a partial view is offered in the photos below. "Thank *God* for the bit about the hot tub," adds the Bernalwood tipster. "That part pushes it into the comedic zone for me." On the bright side? $1,400/month is well below the median for a one-bedroom in this town.

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