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Condo at Former Engine 40 Isn't a Firehouse, It's a Firehome

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Sometime around 2000, former Engine 40, a fire station at the southerly border of Cole Valley hailing from 1909, was converted into two very pretty if rather unconventionally laid-out townhomes. The unit in front, a three-bedroom, went for $1.7 million in 2011, and we went a little gaga over the paneled ceiling, zippy cove lighting, arched windows, and—yes!—original fire pole, which the renovators had the sense to keep. Now the unit in the rear, a roomier but slightly less jazzy five-bedroom, has landed on the market seeking $3 million. The four-level townhome has a lofted kitchen and dining room, which seems hard to get used to. But there are still goodies here, including a set of Carrara marble steps in the living room and a totally wow patina spiral staircase. And yes, there's a fireplace.

The rear unit on offer also boasts several decks and a leafy rear garden, so we can almost overlook the absence of the fireman's pole. Honestly, though? If we had our pick of firehouses (and lately there are options!), we couldn't say no to the monarch training grounds Anne Hathaway called home in The Princess Diaries.

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