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Flickr User Narrowly Misses Collapse at 350 Bush Demo Site

Yesterday, when we brought you news of 350 Bush's long-awaited groundbreaking—overshadowed somewhat by an ill-timed shower of bricks at the demolition site Monday—we had this one iffy KTVU photo to go on. But it turns out that a street photographer and savorer of architectural ornamentation arrived on the scene minutes after the collapse, lucky for everyone involved (no one was hurt, thank goodness). Flickr user Octoferret went to the Financial District Monday hoping to photograph a sculptural detail of a golden fellow holding a boar's head on a platter on the building before it was demolished. "I wanted to take a picture ... before they finished tearing it down, but it turned out the front of the building collapsed shortly before I got there," writes our witness, who aptly titled the photo Whoops. "Don't you just hate it when that happens?"

The photographer-witness would have been standing on Pine Street between Montgomery and Kearny, on the north side of the 350 Bush development site. Octoferret, you were right on time—we're really glad you didn't arrive any earlier.

Here's the decorative flourish, now no more:

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