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Yikes: Flippers Turn Modest Noe Home into $4.895M Swankfest

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The home at 90 Jersey Street in Noe Valley is nearly completely unrecognizable from they way it appeared a little over three years ago, when it last sold. The outside has gone from shingled and yellow to sleek and beige, and the entire shape of the facade appears to have changed dramatically. The interiors were in good shape back in 2011, but they too have been completely transformed from simple to impossibly chic and modern. There are now geometric light fixtures, designer finishes, and a five-car garage. The bedroom count has increased from two to five, and the bathrooms from two to four-point-five. Most impressively, the price has increased from a modest $850K in 2011 for a place that was well-maintained and very livable to an astronomical $4.895 million for a luxury home that feels totally over the top. That amounts to, yikes, a $4.095 million increase.

· 90 Jersey Street [Redfin]