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After 6-Month Honeymoon, New Buyer Dumps Manse for $8.9M

Last month we marveled at the predicament the marbled mini-palace at 3725 Washington found itself in, just five months after settling in with a new buyer. Hollywood marriages have lasted longer! Now it's officially over, though, because the Michael Taylor-spruced manse in Presidio Heights just sold for $8.9M, which is $95K under the ask but a good $500K over the sale price in April. We trust the new-new buyer, should he or she choose to stick around, will enjoy living in a small museum (9,540 square feet!) where the master bedroom looks fit to host a midsize wedding or a minor diplomatic envoy. Pro tip: Anyone staying in the rather intense blue toile guest suite might want to bring along a touch of valium, or maybe a nice therapist.
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