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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Sells Atherton Manse for $9.25M

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Facebook COO and leaning advocate Sheryl Sandberg has parted with her very upright Atherton manse to the tune of $9.25M. Sandberg and her husband, SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg, first listed the property back in September 2013 for a slightly ritzier $10.499 million. After an unsuccessful few months on the market, the abode popped up again, only to take a pricechop down to $9.8M. The new buyers, perhaps applying some advice in persistence from someone or another, tipped the price down another $550K before sealing the deal. The home is a relatively recent arrival to the nation's most expensive Zip code, having been built in 2004, the same year the Silicon Valley power couple set up house.

There are no interior pics, sadly, so we can't see the into the site of Lean In's authorship. As authorial abodes go, this one is pretty McMansiony, honestly. We half expect to zoom out and see variations on the same home in some sort of hyperactive one-percenter tweak on Levittown (giant, subdivision-size Lean In Circles, perhaps?). On the other hand, there ain't nothing wrong with bland. A house is allowed to just be a house—certainly an idea that the neighbors of Sandberg's Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg's personal tech campus in Eureka Valley would gladly embrace.

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