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Once $24M, Marin Home of Swindlers Now Seeks $15M, Honest

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The huge estate at 185 Gilmartin drive in Tiburon is filled with both lavish amenities and sordid stories. In the late 1990s, a Ukrainian businessman took up residence there before being arrested on the property on fraud charges. He was succeeded by convicted money launderers Rebecca and Terry Solomon, who threw wild parties in the mid-2000s and, according to the Chronicle's account, swindled their guests out of millions of dollars. The property, which sits on 1.4 acres and is anchored by a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 14,000-square-foot house, is now selling for $15 million. Once upon a time, back in 2010, the house was on the market asking $24.9 million, but languished for over a year and never sold.
The recently updated property includes everything from a pool with views of the bay to a spa, sauna, and steam room, a tennis court, a wine cellar, and a freestanding guest house. The main home's ostentatious entryway includes a massive chandelier and a gold-accented staircase. The master bath looks to be larger than many San Francisco one-bedrooms. There is a four-car garage as well as a three-car carport and a motorcourt that wraps around some vaguely arboreal modern sculpture.

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