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Redrawing the US Map Based on Where All the Developers Are

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Extending the pastime of editorial map-making in a somewhat mind-bendy direction, the folks at the SF-based search applications company Lucidworks have used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to remap the US to show the relative size of the software developer population in each state. California is as bloated as can be, of course, as is our neighbor to the north, Washington. With a population of 230,150 developers, California has more than twice the number of the runner-up state, Texas, which has 109,390. And how much money do they all make?

Lucidworks found that although California developers have some of the highest salaries, on average they earn less than the more easterly tech bros of the Northeast. And though California tops the nation in the developer count population-wise—230,150 people is a few thousand less than four Cupertinos put together—that seems to be because California is the most populous state overall. As a percentage of California's overall workforce, developers in this state are less numerous than their counterparts in Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Colorado, coming in just a hair ahead of New Jersey, of all places.

The full, uncut infographic is this way.

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