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Richmond Edwardian Flip Can't Find a Buyer, Cuts Price $100K

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Out in the Richmond, a flip hit the market back in August asking $2.796 million. That amount was more than three times what the property had sold for in late 2012, when it was mustard yellow, and that triple somersault earned it a spot on our map of the year's most heart-stopping house flips. We didn't think that the turnover was a particularly terrible one, but did wonder whether the big increase in price was realistic for a house so close to Geary Boulevard. The home hung onto some of its traditional Edwardian details and added square footage during its renovations. Turns out that the house hasn't drummed up much interest in its two months on the market and just suffered a $100K price chop. The cut means that the home is no longer asking three times its previous price, but it's still not far off.

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