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Live Next to Nature's Stairmaster on the Harry Street Steps

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Glen Park's Harry Street stairs are one of the most magical secret places in the city. Lined with greenery, they stretch above the city's south side and offer a quiet oasis to those who dwell in the homes that sit just off of them. We're kind of obsessed with staircase houses—they all have the faraway feeling of a mountain retreat, with patios that seem to hang off the hill, and the kind of limited access that gives a trip from the car with groceries the flavor of hiking in (for better or worse). There aren't many houses on the Harry Street stairs, so it's very rare that one comes up for sale.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom house near the foot of the stairs recently hit the market asking $1.395 million. The tree-surrounded home has arched windows that look out over the city, and the interiors are sweet, simple, and white. Outdoor decks are set among the surrounding vegetation. Because of its location near the bottom of the hill, this little hideaway is less of a logistical nightmare than its neighbors uphill.

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