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West Portal Flip Sacrifices Its Mediterranean Soul for $679K

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This poor West Portal Mediterranean. In December of last year, it sold for $1.32 million to flippers who have torn out most of the things that made it special. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house was built in 1922, and when it last sold, intact 1920s details like wood paneling and a carved fireplace topped the list of selling points. Outside, the red-tiled roof and sweeping palm tree remain as they were, although some overgrown vegetation has been cut back. An arched front door also stayed put, but beyond that there are no hints of the character this home had before. The walls are gray, the floors are oak, and the design is pure generic flip.
The house is now back on the market for $1.999 million, which is a $679K jump and a 51 percent increase over last year's sale price. Considering the gutting added 1,000 square feet of livable space, the new price seems a bit modest by flipper standards. How much over asking do you think they hope to get?

· 1360 Portola Drive [Redfin]