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SPUR Recaps 2013's Big Issues in Urban Planning

Though 2013 is over and done with, the events and affairs that defined Bay Area urbanism over the last year are anything but passé. To ring in 2014 and bid farewell to what turned out to be an eventful year in planning and regional development, SPUR has published "A Year in Urbanism", the latest issue of The Urbanist. The magazine provides an in-depth look at key trends and projects that had profound effects on the Bay Area's urban fabric, and peeks at those that will continue to shape growth in the region for decades to come. Hot-button matters like the infamous BART strikes, San Francisco's everlasting housing crunch and an overview controversies associated with Plan Bay Area are just some of the topics covered in the issue. Urban enthusiasts and planning geeks can read to their heart's content by poring over the magazine's articles available online or in print.
· The Urbanist: A Year in Urbanism [SPUR]
· Get The Urbanist [SPUR]

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