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$695K for 650 Square Feet at The Monty in the FiDi

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We all know that amenities and a downtown location come with a hefty price tag, but this junior 1-bedroom condo at The Monty takes the cake for overblown, overpriced listings. In its current state, it looks more like an episode of hoarders than the chic pied-à-terre it positions itself to be. Art collection aside, the unit boasts drab carpet in the living space, a concrete wall, almost no view, and a teeny, tiny sleeping loft. The $711/month HOA dues buy you a 24-hour front desk attendant, dry cleaning services, an a roof deck with BBQ, wifi, and heat lamps. Oh, and there's no parking.
· 74 New Montgomery St #413 [Redfin]

The Monty

74 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA