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Formula Retail Ban to be Lifted for 555 Fulton Site

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The block bound by Fulton, Octavia, Laguna, and Birch is slated to become a new five-story mixed-use building with 139 dwelling units, 29,200 sq.ft. ground floor grocery store, and 148 off-street parking spaces. Before that can happen however, the Board of Supervisors will be voting today to make an exception to the Formula Retail ban that would limit what grocery store could go into the ground level. The block would become a Fulton Street Grocery Store Special Use District, which would allow a chain grocery store to move in. The SUD has caveats to limit it only to certain types of large mixed-use projects, so it's tailor made for the 555 Fulton proposal (but allows for a similar type grocery store if for some reason the project falls through). If the new SUD passes, the 555 Fulton project can move on its merry way.
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