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City Looks to Develop Underused Land, Cash in at Same Time

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The next developer that could be cashing in on Mid-Market's current popularity: San Francisco. The powers that be are currently exploring the possibility of selling off a 38,000 square foot plot of land at 30 Van Ness Street, near the corner of Market Street. A low-rise building containing a handful of city agencies now occupies the site, which is zoned for up to a 400 foot tower and 500 housing units. In the current market the parcel could demand upwards of $50 million.

The city is currently exploring all possibilities for the land, including using it for low-to-middle-income housing, or a straight sale, where the money earned could be used for affordable housing at a separate location. The parcel is sure to attract a lot of attention with developers, as it is considered one of three large-scale development opportunities available in the immediate area along with the Goodwill site and the Local 38 plumber's union plot.
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