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You Won't Believe What's Behind This Unassuming Facade

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On a quiet alley in SoMa you'll find 421 Tehama, a building with an unassuming facade. So unassuming, you could easily walk past it without ever noticing it. Once inside, though, it's a completely different rodeo. You see, 421 Tehama is a 5,200+ square foot warehouse that was converted to a private loft many years ago. The home boasts three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Giant skylights wash the main floor in natural light, and there's a fabulous open plan that's fit for a party. Then there's the kitchen. The kitchen! Regardless of your taste, we can all agree that the kitchen's certainly something. There is, of course, an expansive roof deck. Other highlights include two bedrooms in a sleeping pod, and a very large laundry room. Asking price? A cool $3M.
· 421 Tehama [Official website]