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A Sneak Peek at SFO's Upcoming 400 Room Luxury Hotel

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SFO's fancy new Boarding Area E in Terminal 3 is hogging up the spotlight this week, but it isn't the only big project on the airport's radar. SFO is in the process of refining plans to construct an AirTrain-accessible 400 room luxury hotel just west of Garage A. Airport officials have released a set of renderings depicting a large curved tower clad entirely in glass, though there's a good chance that the design will be tweaked as the project moves forward. SFO is hoping that the yet-to-be determined "luxury brand" property will cater to well-heeled business travelers and bring in some serious dough. That being said, the project won't come cheap, with construction costs for this particular site estimated at $160 Million. Should all go according to plan, look forward to checking in to the new digs in 2017.
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