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Very Necessary N-Judah Upgrades Headed to the Inner Sunset

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The notoriously sluggish N-Judah may soon benefit from major upgrades as the SFMTA slowly begins pushing ahead with recommended improvements to the line. Tomorrow, the transit agency will hold an open house, allowing Inner Sunset residents to weigh in on changes proposed for Irving. Proposals include consolidating the stops at 7th and 4th in favor of a single new one between 5th and 6th, adding a stoplight at 4th, as well as constructing bulbouts and implementing other pedestrian safety features. The plans could potentially reduce the number parking spots in the neighborhood, which may not go down well with area business owners, assuming they think along the same lines as those fighting proposed bike lanes on Polk Street. In any case, the SFMTA is set on replacing tracks in the Sunset Tunnel and completing all other improvements in concurrence with Irving's repaving, which is scheduled for spring 2015.
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