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OPA Architects Imagine Greener, Safer Intersections for S.F.

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Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects have partnered with advocacy group Walk San Francisco to completely rethink the basic design of an intersection. The visionary proposal, called "Sous les Paves," reimagines Divisadero and Grove with distinctive crosswalk markings and angular planters that jut out into the streets, giving pedestrians more space on the sidewalk and providing them with better visibility for oncoming traffic. Aside from making streets safer, the new planters could apparently also serve as outdoor office space, as illustrated by the rendering, which features a girl seated on the edge of the tiny new public space feverishly typing away on her laptop. While the new design isn't likely to be implemented as shown, the concept provides insight into what is possible when real thought and investment are directed towards the creation of public infrastructure. To boot, it also provides everyone with a cool new collection of fantastical renderings.
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