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Neighbors Not Happy About One Home's Extreme Makeover

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One property owner in Eureka Valley is looking to give their house a total remodel, but the folks nearby aren't too happy about it. Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hold discretionary review over 4546 19th Street - a humble two-story three-bedroom house from 1923. They want majorly change-up the building's front facade, add a one-story addition, develop the top of the rear garage with a roof deck, and add a rear addition to connect the house to the detached garage...all while adding a studio apartment unit to the basement. The DR requester has submitted a petition signed by 21 neighbors who live nearby and are opposed to the project because of its overall scale. It doesn't help that The Eureka Valley Promotion Association is also opposed. The city's design review team feels fine with it since the larger scale is on a corner lot and the facade alterations by Medium Plenty architects "are of high quality design." It's all in the hands of the Commission now.
· Discretionary Review - 4546 19th Street (pdf) [SF Planning]