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San Francisco Planning Serious Upgrades to West Sunset Park

The streets of the Outer Sunset are by no means the lushest in San Francisco, but the neighborhood's always-improving parks are nothing to be scoffed at. West Sunset Park, a collection of sports fields adjacent to the newly opened Ortega Branch Library and recently upgraded West Sunset playground, is slowly getting ready to undergo a major facelift of its own, thanks once again to the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. Over the next two years, 13.2 million dollars will be spent bringing the worn-out sports facilities up to snuff. Clearer entrance points, improved irrigation and lighting systems as well as new public art are all part of the extensive package of enhancements planned for the space. Final designs haven't yet been decided upon, but preliminary renderings of the proposed changes are available for all to see. According to SF Rec & Parks, the renovation is scheduled to wrap up in early summer of 2016.
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