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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year: Portola!

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In a final matchup that shocked many, No. 10 seed Portola has beat out Inner Sunset, which was ranked 16th at the start of the tourney. That's right, folks. Portola is the 2013 Neighborhood of the Year. In the end, Portola secured 56.2% of the total 733 votes. Neighborhoods that experienced much change this year like No. 1 seed Mid-Market and No. 8 seed The Mission were beat out pretty early, perhaps hinting at the uneasiness associated with rapid gentrification in both neighborhoods. Big congratulations to the 'hood with a lot of heart—at least displayed by the many residents who emailed us glowing nominations of Portola, and the numerous social media efforts that were launched to gain votes. May your many luscious gardens and seemingly inexpensive real estate (by San Francisco standards) continue to make Portola a lovely neighborhood to both live and visit.
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