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What's Planned for the Corner of Van Ness and Washington?

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From the Curbed inbox:

What's going on at 1868 Van Ness, at the corner of Washington? It used to be a parking and zipcar lot (and before that a gas station), but they've cleared all cars out and fenced in the area. A project for the gas station-turned-parking lot has been brewing for a while. Way back in 2007, the project got approvals for demo of the gas station and construction of a new eight story mixed-use building with 35 units, 35 below ground parking spaces, and a 1,625 sq.ft. ground-floor retail unit facing half of the Van Ness side. Gas station sites take a lot of time for hazardous waste remediation, and it took them a while to get the station and it's structures demo'd. They finally got the permits to start construction in September of 2012, so it looks like it's just taken some time to get going. We couldn't find any renderings, but there are some 2013 elevations and floor plans from Leavitt Architecture.
· Department of Building Inspection Permit #201209270791 [DBI]