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$1,600/Month for 300 Square Feet In the Outer Sunset

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Micro-dwellings heads out to the Outer Sunset this week, where this 300-square-foot abode is renting for $1,600/month. The place is pretty nice, with an all-new kitchen featuring stainless and sleek cabinetry. The bathroom is also new with a stall shower. The sleeping area is lofted above what looks like a big closet, so at least there's storage. The place looks pretty dark, but that's because it's a ground level "cottage." And it's close to the beach. The price is, thankfully, quite a bit lower than what we've seen recently, since it's located in an outer neighborhood. But when you consider that our friends in NYC found this little number in Harlem for $700/month less, it's kind of a downer.
· $1600 / 300ft² - Cottage/Studio for Rent - Outer Sunset (sunset / parkside) [Craigslist]

Ocean Beach

1000 Great Highway, San Francisco, CA 94121