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Tiny Outer Richmond Two-Story More Than Doubles in Size

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Out in the Richmond, a small lot with a mostly vacant two-story two-unit building is hoping to transform into two new four-story building each containing three units. Both buildings will have parking spaces, and there supposed to be a ground floor commercial space fronting 26th Avenue. There's a bit of a mixed reaction from neighbors on the Gabriel Ng + Architects design, but the majority are in favor of the project while the minority have the typical concerns about loss of views, light, and on-street parking, and the project being too large and out of scale with the neighborhood. The Urban Design Advisory Team and the Planning Department are both on board with the project because it'll create six family-sized units (each with three bedrooms) and they think it's appropriately sized infill for the area. We'll have to see how the this shakes out at tomorrow's Planning Commission hearing.
· Conditional Use Authorization - 395 26th Ave (pdf) [SF Planning]