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Bird Watching and Hiking at Glen Park's Fairmont Plaza

Everyone loves Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, but did you know San Francisco has over 220 parks and open spaces? Curbed SF wants to bring fame and glory to some of the smaller, lesser-known parks. Each week, we'll spotlight a different San Francisco park or open space, and bring you all the details you need to plan a visit.

Photos via Patricia Chang

Located in the bluffs of Glen Park, not far from the Noe Valley border, lies the easy-to-miss Fairmont Plaza. This rustic open area provides a quiet oasis and valley views to those who live nearby, while bird watchers may seek out the park for its abundance of species and natural habitats. Where it's located: In Glen Park where Bemis and Miguel streets intersect.

What it features: The small, rugged hilltop park is mostly an open area with some short, windy trails. There is also a homemade tree swing (use at your own risk).

How to get there: Muni line 35 will get you within a block or so, while the 36 line will also get you within quick walking distance.

Dogs allowed?: Yes, but only with a leash.

Don't miss: Some premier bird-watching. The secluded, quiet nature of this hilltop spot provides excellent habitat for many bird species, including the chestnut-backed chickadee and the migratory warbler.
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