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Impromptu Pictorial Walking Tours: Russian Hill Edition

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On Saturday, your Curbed SF Editor Sally Kuchar (that'd be me) found herself wandering around Russian Hill. (I am going to stop typing in third person now.) I was snapping a pic of a home which was under the microscope a couple years back because the homeowners had installed a non permitted cartouche on the front of the abode. Ah, the memories of a NIMBY war. Anyway, as I was crouching for a photograph, I realized I should just start shooting photos of the neighborhood for the Curbed SF Instagram account. Below, an impromptu tour of the wonder and amazement that is Russian Hill.

"Unofficial pictorial tour of Russian Hill starts right this very second. Above, creepy bunny statue intimidates neighbors in a very exclusive Vallejo St. cul-de-sac."

"Hey girl"

"This is one fancy cul-de-sac (Vallejo Street)"

"The Summit at 999 Green"

"The Green Street Steps"

"The Julia Morgan-designed Octagon house on Green. More here:"

"People say Russian Hill's snobby, but perhaps noses are in the air because you see this sort of architecture when you look up."

"Quintessential San Francisco right here"

"This Stanley Saitowitz-designed abode has been on the market for awhile now. Hoping someone buys it soon so they can invite us over. Interior photos here:"

"At the corner of Green and Leavenworth. You can see the 900 block of Jones (Nob Hill's flat block where the luxury residential towers are)."

"The opening to the very romantic and whimsical Macondray Lane."

"Good meets bad architectural details on Macondray Lane"

"Oh, Macondray. So much whimsical fuckery."

"This front door on Jones reminds me of hobbits for some reason." More on the door's home here.

"A pretty realistic video of what to expect when you walk down Lombard Street."

"San Francisco's second most crooked street." Read the history on Lombard's crookedness here.

"Impromptu tour of the sorta secret Fay Park. SF rec and park has teamed up with neighbors today to do some yard work." Curbed's profiled the park before.

"Mid-century minimalism in Russian Hill"

"OMG this blue house though"

"Oh well aren't you just precious."

"The trees of Hyde Street"

"Behind this wall on Hyde is lush garden and a beautiful cottage."

"The very sweet Hyde & Vallejo Mini-Park" Read more about the park.

".@karlthefog and its friend Misty are attacking me, so it's time for the tour of Russian Hill to end. thanks for looking!"
· Nonpermitted Cartouche Causes Russian HIll Uproar [Curbed SF]

The Summit

200 Shiloh Street, , PA 15211 Visit Website