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376 Castro Lot (and its Mixed-Use Project) Hits the Market

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From the Curbed inbox:
I like cheap gas and car washes like the next guy, but what's going on over at the RC Station over at Castro and Market Streets? I heard they were doing something there but now I see the whole thing is for sale again for a modest $12M?Back in June, we brought you the updated designs for 376 Castro Street, a project that plans to demo the old gas station and construct a 65' six-story mixed-use building with 24 residential units, and 3,000 sq.ft. of ground floor retail. The project got all its environmental approvals, so what's the problem? The lot, with all its entitlements, was put on the market last month for a cool $12M. That's a hefty price tag, considering the project permits estimate construction of the new building around $5M. Permits for demo of the gas station and new construction were filed as recently as July 8 and were working their way through DBI, SFFD, and SFPUC. The sellers are looking for "serious inquiries only" from developers who "have already developed other properties and have experience."
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