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What's the Story With the Work Going on at 18th and Mission?

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From the Curbed inbox:
For a few months, there was scaffolding up on the building at the corner of 18th and Mission (beside Gracias Madre), they did a little clean up on the building, and gutted the inside, then it all seems to have stopped. Any idea what is (or was) going on with the location?2205 Mission was an old furniture store that got a sleek Streamline Moderne face lift in the 1930s. The graffiti-covered vacant building was supposed to be remodelled into a new grocery store, but the construction company got caught red-handed doing some demo to the facade that wasn't approved.

The project was going to do a full gut remodel to convert the space into a grocery store. Permits were issued back in July 2012, and work got underway. In February they got a permit to replace the stucco on the facade of the building, but got shutdown a month later when removed the porcelain enamel siding that makes the Streamline Moderne building so splashy and unique. Basically they were only supposed to put new stucco where it already existed, but instead they took the enamel iron panels off the building - which is included in the city's Modern Context Statement. The permit got suspended as of April 26, so work will probably be halted until they get all the fines and red taped ironed out.
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