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Company Aims to Create Actual Hyperloop Transport System

When Elon Musk released his plans for the Hyperloop transport system last month many people brushed it off as science fiction, not feasible in the near future. But at least one company thinks it is a realistic possibility. JumpStartFund, a Southern California-based business incubator, has formed a group to turn Elon Musk's idea into a viable company. The plan to create a tube that will transport people from
San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes on a cushion of air will begin with a study to determine its feasibility and possible implementation. At the helm will be Marco Villa, the former director of mission operations from Space X, another company people thought would never be realistic. "Hyperloop is a very complex system," Villa stated, "and we look forward to receiving input and support from all the brilliant minds out there in the JumpStartFund community to make this a true open source development."
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