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New History App Lets You Visit Places That Never Were

At the beginning of the month, SPUR's The Urbanist examined what San Francisco could have looked like had a number of proposed projects come to fruition, much to the delight of history buffs. Those wanting more information on the city that never was now have a super user friendly app, courtesy of Mathbeat Industries, that brings together proposals from the past. Museum of the Phantom City incorporates maps of San Francisco, NYC, and Chicago, all covered in dark spots containing images and information on potentially spectacular—or disastrous—projects that never saw the light of day. Users can also rate the featured projects and find out what others think of them, too. The free app is a must-download for anyone interested in urban planning or history, and will leave users with a plethora of funky random factoids to impress their coworkers with.
· Museum of the Phantom City [ITunes]
· SPUR Explores the San Francisco That Could Have Been [Curbed SF]

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