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Clocking In With Jon Sherman of Flavor Paper

Welcome back to Clocking In, a video series in which Curbed explores one individual's artistic contributions to the great, wide "wheel" of design; in other words, cool stuff cool people create. Care to nominate someone noteworthy? Do send a note.

The series continues with Jon Sherman, the man behind the audacious, nontraditional, and—let's face it—totally bonkers, at times, wall coverings firm Flavor Paper. Sherman lived a previous life in real estate development; a decade ago, though, he jumped at the opportunity to salvage some enormous machinery, including a four-ton screen-printing table, from a tanking wallpaper company in Oregon. What was originally a six-figure investment has clearly paid off: now the brand's lively, graphic patterns clad the walls of Tibi stores and W Hotels; they collaborated with the Beastie Boys' Mike D on a Brooklyn-themed toile that MoMA couldn't keep in stock; and launching in November is a collection for The Andy Warhol Foundation, which will spin some of the Pop icon's work into wall coverings. Though Sherman originally set up shop in New Orleans, he's since been moved to Brooklyn, where he operates from an ultra-modern townhouse that's both the company headquarters and his own home. Here he opens those doors and guides the process of producing a sheet of Dia de Dumbo, a Day of the Dead-themed toile originally created for a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood. Do have a look.

The Flavor Lair is one of five Brooklyn homes open to the public this Sunday for City Modern, a design festival jointly hosted by New York and Dwell magazines. For more info on this year's home tours, head this way.
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