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Very Fabulous Crocker Amazon Fixer-Upper is Asking $429K

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We spotted 254 Winding Way while pursuing the listings this morning to bring you our top picks for properties under $500K. It absolutely qualified for our map, but we thought it best to give it its own spotlight. You see, 254 Winding Way is one of the most intriguing fixer-uppers we've ever seen. The 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,200-square-foot single-family home is in dire need of a complete remodel, but we seriously hope that whomever buys the place tries to retain the bulk of its original charm. And maybe, just maybe, restore the fabulousness that is the wall (and ceiling!) treatment in the dining room. The 1,200-square-foot abode sits on a 3,311-square-foot lot.
· 254 Winding Way [Redfin]