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Well, This is Certainly One Way to Find a Roommate in SF

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Finding a roommate in this town can be just as difficult as finding an apartment, especially if you're new to the city. While there are plenty of options for those of you trying to score a room without having to creep on Craigslist, one person is trying something completely different. Lauren Fahey needs a roommate, and created a catchy visual to set her apart from the trillions of other Craigslist postings. Using quotes from previous roommates, the graphic tells us what's most important about Lauren: she's clean, considerate, and can mix a cocktail. Perhaps most valuable, former roommate Daphna tells us that Lauren "doesn't judge," which will be comforting to you when you come home drunk at 3am with a bag of Safeway cronuts. While the ad was originally placed on Craigslist, Lauren also tweeted it, where it's received retweets and further testimonials.

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