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The City's Smallest Apartment for Rent is 264 Square Feet

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Most of the rental discussion in San Francisco these days revolves around properties that rent for more than $2,000/month. So we asked: Is it possible to rent a habitable space for significantly less than that - say, less than $1,500/month? What we found looks to be the smallest apartment currently available for rent in the city: it's 264 square feet and going for $1,200/month. This micro-pad is located in SoMa and boasts an elevator in the building, laminate wood floors, a stove, a small refrigerator (which as yet to be installed), and a full bathroom. In fact, the bathroom may actually be nearly as big as the living space. No closets though - so you'll have to use valuable floor space for a little bit of storage. Depressing thought? Cheer up: it's still cheaper and bigger than thesmallest apartment on the market in Manhattan.
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