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City Rent-A-Car to Turns Residential on Bush Street

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Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear a new development proposal in Polk Gulch that involves demo of the existing City Rent-A-Car at 1433 Bush for a 115-foot tall, 10-story mixed-use tower with 32 units, 26 parking spaces and 3,900 sq.ft. of ground floor retail. The new design by Joma Studio Architects has lots of glass, set-back two-store penthouses, and balconies facing both the street and an interior light well/courtyard. The very active Lower Polk Neighbors neighborhood association asked the project to be continued so they could pow-wow with the project sponsor a little more, and some have voiced concerned about the number of parking spots. No word yet on whether they'll be condo or rentals, but we'll keep you posted.
· Conditional Use Application – 1433 Bush Street (pdf) [SF Planning]