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Neighbors Fighting in Noe Valley Over Proposed New Construction

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The Discretionary Review monster is rearing its ugly head again, this time in Noe Valley. 645 Duncan Street is currently a super steep vacant lot, but the owner wants to build a 4,820 sq.ft, four-story over garage house – and neighbors aren't happy. The owner of the adjacent house thinks the new design by Edmunds + Lee Architects is too tall, not set-back enough, and basically too modern - ironic since his 2007 mega manse is a massive 5,933 square feet. He's gotten over 350 people to agree with him via an online petition. The neighbor on the other side seems cool with the plan, doubly ironic since his tiny (and adorable) cottage set back far behind the new design. In the end, the project went through all the correct channels and got the thumbs-up from the Residential Design Team, so Planning staff is recommending skipping the DR and approving as is.
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