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Final Design Proposals Revealed for Presidio Commissary Site

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This week, detailed plans for the future of the Presidio Commissary site were unveiled, and the Presidio Trust's three finalists have very different visions for the prominent Crissy Field-adjacent lot. George Lucas' proposal is perhaps the most unexpected, with a design that's meant to recall the ornate structures of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition, which took place just a stone's throw away in what is now the Marina District. Even though some don't quite appreciate the building's more traditional design, perhaps the $700M Lucas is willing to invest in the project will help sway the Trust's opinion in his favor. If he doesn't succeed in changing people's minds, the entertainment mogul has already made it clear that he has no problem taking his collection elsewhere. In stark contrast to the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, both the Presidio Exchange and the Bridge/Sustainability Institute feature modern, airy designs with ample pedestrian connections to the Presidio's Main Post. The final decision on which project will be chosen to take over the site is set to be made in the coming months, but in the meantime surely everyone can appreciate a glorious array of new renderings.
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