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A Very Pricey Presidio Heights Manse Vanishes from the Market

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Noticeably absent from the market is 3800 Washington, an 8-bed, 7-bath, 18,000 square foot mansion in Presidio Heights. Owner Halsey Minor, founder of CNET, bought the "modified copy" of the Petit Trianon in 2007. The abode comes with the adjoining 2,618 square foot home at 3810 Washington and a vacant lot (that's currently being used as the mansion's backyard) at 125 Maple. On a tour of the property we saw holes in the ceiling and water damage, as well as all around neglect. So much so, that an order of abatement has been issued because of the city's Abandoned Building Ordinance. Our last report on the property shows it asking $21M, but it could have been as low as $19M right before it went off the market. Readers, do you know why 3800 Washington vanished from the market? All the data simply says its been delisted. Is it taking a break? Did it quietly sell? The tip line's always open, or you can leave a comment after the jump. A call for details from listing agent Steven Mavromihalis at Pacific Union had not been returned at the time of this posting.
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3800 Washington

3800 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA