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Trulia's Interactive Map of Rental Prices Shows San Francisco as One Big Red-Zone

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Real estate aggregator Trulia has released a new interactive map that visualizes their rental price data collected over the last year. Not surprisingly, it shows San Francisco as one giant red-zone - meaning that the vast majority of rentals in the city cost over $2,000 per bedroom. The map color-codes the city by average price per bedroom, so that you can calculate prices for any size of unit.

As noted in Trulia's disclaimer about their methodology, the price-per-bedroom index low-balls the average prices for the most common units on the market today - studios and one-bedrooms. Smaller units are rarely priced in proportion to larger units with more bedrooms (meaning that in a neighborhood where a three-bedroom rents for $3,600/month, it's rare that you can get a one-bedroom for as little as $1,300/month). But this type of index does provides a great reminder of what kind of price tag larger units entail.
The map adjusts its prices block-to-block, which shows some interesting price disparities within certain neighborhoods. On Vallejo Street in Cow Hollow, the price per bedroom on the east side of Gough Street is $2,848/month. But between Gough and Fillmore, the price spikes to $4,600/month. Similarly, the average price per bedroom along Fillmore Street in the Fillmore is $2,600-$2,625. Between Eddy and Golden Gate Avenue, however, the price spikes to $3,500.

Trulia also allows you to toggle over to visualizations of home values, and promises to offer a map that breaks prices down by price-per-square foot sometime in the future.
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