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Presidio Heights Mansion Takes $1M Off its Asking Price

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Was: $11,750,000
Now: $10,750,000
You Save: $1,000,000 Though not as interesting as that other pink mansion nearby (because it has a speakeasy and an indoor pool), 15 Arguello still deserves some attention. You see, the 9-bed, 7.5-bath, 9,398 square foot abode just chopped one million bucks off its asking price, bringing it down to the more obtainable amount of $10.75M. While a hefty chop, it's still one of the top ten most expensive homes currently for sale in San Francisco. The home was built in 1912 but was completely redesigned by Berkeley Dean of Architecture Joseph Esherick in 1955. The big abode also sits on one of the property's three lots. So, why can't it entice a buyer? Perhaps the major price reduction has something to do with the lackluster interiors. Between the heavily carpeted rooms and underwhelming window treatments, maybe the all-beige interiors leave too much to be desired.
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