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What's Up With the New Crane Cove Park in the Dogpatch?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Haven't seen much coverage on what's going on with the new Crane Cove Park across the street from where I live in the Dogpatch. The port had a design review Monday night. The Crane Cove Park plan calls for turning a desolate stretch of the Waterfront adjacent to Pier 70 into a waterfront park with historic cranes that have been decommissioned for decades. The effort is part of larger Pier 70 redevelopment efforts, and as our reader states, the SF Port has been holding design Design Advisory Review Committee meetings to hammer out the details. Crane Cove Park is a 9 acre site within Pier 70. The park boundaries are generally between Mariposa, Illinois Street on the east, a future 19th street continuation, and the bay. Today the site is pretty much vacant and not publicly accessible.The Pier 70 Plan calls for some new development next to the park along Illinois Street north of 18th Street and south of the new 19th street.

AECOM is developing the park master plan. There are a bunch of historic elements on the proposed park site that are going to be integrated into the design, like a few buildings and the old ship building industry's ship slipway runway, utility racks and cranes. They've already come up with a few drafts that have been vetted by the committee and neighbors, and combined the best elements into one hybrid version. According to the master plan, the design "allows different park programs to occur within the historic functional use areas, but allow the user to experience and appreciate the site as a whole and integrated park." The plan includes loads of details, but some highlights include a new plaza at Slipway 4, relocating some of the cranes for dramatic visual impacts, a new pier overlook structure, a beach and boat launch, an off-leash dog park, an outdoor cafe, and wildlife habitats.

The next step for the project is review and approval from the Port Commission, then hammer out final design details to hopefully get construction of the initial phase underway in 2015.

· Crane Cove Park [SF Port]

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