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Herbst Mansion in Pacific Heights Lowers its Asking Price Again

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[Photos by Patricia Chang]

Was: $12,500,000
Then: $10,950,000
Then $9,750,000
Then: $11,995,000
Now: $9,650,000
You Save: $2,850,000 When the late Lee Herbst Gruhn's "mini Versailles" hit the market in late 2011, people were shocked—shocked!—by its gilded interiors. So much so, that any potential buyer had too hard of a time imagining it as their own. Alas, the 5-bed, 4.5-bath, 8,120 square foot abode sat on the market without an offer for months. The home was built in 1899 by San Francisco starchitect Ernest Coxhead. Highlights of the home while Gruhn occupied it were mirrors and gold gilt trim on every surface, and a mural of the Palace of Fine Arts that Gruhn painted herself above the grand staircase. The mansion's price was reduced several times before being delisted in February of this year because it was gearing up to play host to the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which was a huge success. After the showcase was over the home came back onto the market, but this time with a much higher price tag, probably with the hopes that the attention from the showcase would attract a buyer. Unfortunately it did not, and today the home's asking price was brought down to $9.65M. The latest chop takes it down a few notches on the map of the most expensive homes for sale in San Francisco.
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Herbst Mansion

2800 Pacific , San Francisco, CA